Kuat Drive Yards

How Do The Players Know This Place

The Kuat Shipyard, orbiting the planet Kuat, was the last place of Imperial-employment of Maximilian Veers Jr. (Glitch). His responsibility there was the protection of a particular vault (and its surrounding Imperial-controlled rooms & corridors) – within which secret Imperial ship data was held. While there, Max Veers Jr. already provided the Phoenix Cell with a steady stream of information – however upon stealing these design plans, his ‘cover’ was blown and the treachery went public. This was when he was rescued and evacuated by the Phoenix Cell, during a very hasty hit-and-run operation. And one of immense risk, might I add


What is this place?

Kuat Drive Yards (KDY) was a starships manufacturer based on the planet Kuat. It produced many of the galaxies most terrifying symbols of Imperial might, including the Imperial-class Star Destroyer, and also produced walkers such as the All Terrain Defense Pod & the All Terrain Armoured Transport. It had several subsidiaries, with Kuat Vehicles focusing on civilian ground products, and Kuat Systems Engineering producing starfighters.

As a result of its importance in Republic military production, it quickly became the premier starship and vehicle manufacturer for the Imperial Navy and Imperial Army respectively, reaping huge profits as a result.

Kuat Drive Yards

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