Rise of the Phoenix

Sesja 2

A Holiday Gone Wrong

With the rented ship now firmly on land in The Metal Forest, watches set up for the beginning of the teams stay here, and camera’s positioned in tactical locations to view approaching danger – the crew could settle down and relax a little.

With the crew adamant that the power couplings in their rented ship were sabotaged, Sternik was keen to getting his hands on the camera footage of their docked ship. To his surprise, someone has deleted the footage from the prior 4 days – thus both proving the suspicions of sabotage as well as enforcing a dead end on this investigation.

After some internal discussions, two key suspects emerged. Watoo, the trader who later sold a set of working power couplings in exchange for both a high price tag as well as the teams Z95 fighter, was the first. The second was far more worrying – an unknown entity, who wanted to force the team to either lose all their funds or be stranded in this location.

Sternik located one of the rebel cell’s contacts in Mos Shuuta, who was responsible for getting the ship prepped for their arrival. This led to two vital findings. The technical check on the ship was performed by Watoo’s men during the camera-blackout period, and (with the hope of reclaiming the Z95 still active at this point) that the Z95 has been moved to Besh’s warehouse and is under lock and key for further processing. The speed of this purchase surprised the team, who made a snap decision.

Whatever danger it might put them in, they must find out what led to the Z95 being sold THIS quickly (perhaps the Hyperdrive dataset wasn’t wiped, making it possible for whoever decodes it to track the journey’s back to one or more of Phoenix Cell’s safe havens?). That means potentially breaking into the only Imperial-Locked building in Mos Shuuta.



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