All citizens of the Galactic Empire are mandated to have Identichips, a security measure introduced by the Emperor.

They typically hold basic medical and criminal information, any relevant immunity data, and a hologram of the owner. The information includes date and place of birth, as well as any important affiliations & permits (Imperial Civil Servant, Ship Captain 1st Class, Military Medical Officer).

While the bast majority of Identichips are gray with black code written on them (even the military have these, although the relevant data inside provides additional information) – some are unique.

Any citizen born on Coruscant is bestowed a Navy-Blue Identichip with Golden code – a card which often grants them access to clubs and locations only available to those born on the Imperial Planet.


Criminals and other persons acting outside Imperial law have need of fake cards, to either change or hide their true identity. This is an extremely expensive process, as a single wiped Identichip (they are solely produced on Coruscant, and noone has yet found a way of creating a fake one from scratch) is worth over 60,000 credits – and encoding new data onto it usually costs in excess of 40,000 credits. Machines used to code and decode this data are valued so highly, that noone apart from the most powerful of criminal syndicates will have access to them.

It is said that the prices for such work on a Coruscant Identichip are tripled, owing both the their rarity and superior coding.

For comparison, a used X-Wing in good condition would cost around 90,000 credits on the market.


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