Sternik Uhn

Phoenix Squadron Leader


A calm man, with decades flying experience that shows.

He likes a good time, but always makes sure he is 2 steps away from tipsy when in his squads company. Rumour has it, that this means he occasionally drinks alone.

When not training on board Firestarter (Podpalacz), he typically assists his squad in practice and designs new simulations.

While he is a very good pilot, he is also very adept at handling himself on land, speaking a number of languages and having numerous contacts throughout various systems.


Born on Bestine IV, an oceanic Inner Rim planet, Uhn quickly took to the skies in order to make a living. At the time of the Clone Wars, he was enlisted as a pilot for the Republic and supported many operations.

When the Republic fell and the Galactic Empire rose from its ashes, Uhn was one of the first defectors. Being on Alderaan at the time, he was taken in by Senator Bail Organa as a squad leader for his planetary defense squadrons. At this time, he began occasional missions to support Rebel Cells sponsored by Organa – however upon the rebel seizure of 6 prototype A-Wings, he was immediately put in charge of the squadron and assigned permanently to the Phoenix Cell.

Since then, he has spent more time in the cockpit of the A-Wing than anywhere else – both as pilot and mechanic, customising and improving the design of the A-Wing to turn it from excellent prototype to the bane of imperial tie fighters.

During the feral battle above Lothal, he got severely injured while he was keeping escape pods intact as they traversed from ship to ship – an event which led to Uhn meeting his current wife, Lesath. He now has two children by her, one a year old and the other – two years. They live aboard the Firestarter.

Sternik Uhn

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