Phoenix 2


A very calm, relaxed, and pleasant person, Sandon is often the person turned to at times of crisis owing to his seemingly infinite serenity.

Whenever at a new cantina, he checks if they serve his absolute favourite drink – A Walk in the Phelopean Forest (It consists of ten different colored layers of liquid, each with their own densities, and requires precision on the part of the bartender to prevent any of the layers from bleeding into one another. They are poured into a long cylindrical crystal. This can take up to five minutes to assemble).

This calmness extends to stressful fights, when he just falls silent and only communicates if absolutely necessary. It is this that stopped any promotion being handed to him, as when asked for opinion he is considered an excellent tactician and battle analyst. He, however, say he wouldn’t ever want the responsibility of direct command anyway.


Born on the world of Abregado-rae (in its main spaceport), Sandon started his life as a local advisor to some of the smugglers passing through the paradise. His excellent perception and tactical prowess, however, soon led to him finding work on various smuggler ships – including that of the famous smugglers Han Solo and Chewbacca.

With the rise of the Galactic Empire, he was roped into pilot services for supporters of the rebellion against the empire by his old friends – and his talents quickly brought him to the attention of Commander Jun Sato, who convinced Sandon to travel with Phoenix Cell.


Rise of the Phoenix Kedzior