Corellian mechanic, Kameron's former mentor


35 years as a mechanic on the outskirts of Coronet City speak through him, and his knowledge of both conventional engines and hyperspace drives is second to perhaps a handful in the Galaxy – or so all his clients claim. He admits he has never left Corellia in his entire life, nor has he been more than 20 miles away from Coronet City.

Where his worldly knowledge and travel experience lack, he makes up for it through the perfect blend of smiles and pragmatism. With abilities like his, he could most likely create nothing short of an enterprise – but instead, he seems perfectly fine with the set up he has. Worth noting, that this set up is not bad at all – a decent sized workshop in a relatively calm area, with his own licenced landing dock for small to medium air & spacecraft is not something easy to come by.


Born on Corellia a couple decades before the Clone Wars, he took on his father’s profession at a workshop when still a very young man. This grew beyond a passion, and he was soon included on the deed of the workshop as the up-and-coming future proprietor. The workshop back then belonged to his fathers childless friend, who was happy to pass it on to someone he would easily look upon as his nephew.

The next 30 years of Orfax’s life went by in the same area of Coronet City, the only changes being the purchase of additional land and licensing of a minor dock with full service capability and the establishing of his own family. Now with his second wife, and 4 Children (3 at Corellian academies, one at an Imperial Technical Academy), Orfax continues his craft unabated. It is a known fact among the CDF (Corellian Defence Forces), that senior officers insist on Orfax performing any mechanical work on their fighters. He is reputedly even asked for his opinion by senior engineers of major companies, and a rumour Orfax never responds to is that he gets the occasional visit for a representative of Kuat Drive Yards asking for his opinion. All this may well be fallacies, however what always remains is one fact: If Orfax can’t fix it, it’s not broken. It’s wrecked.


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