Dukes Naseri

Phoenix 4


A young pilot, Dukes is sometimes a brash pilot with still quite a lot to learn – however his natural abilities put him firmly in Phoenix Squadron.

As the youngest male pilot in the squadron, he spends his free time flirting with young women in cantinas.


Born on Coruscant, his father (an officer of the Imperial Archives and a rebel sympathiser) immediately arranged his transfer (or rather – evacuation) to Alderaan, expecting to be arrested imminently for tampering with Archive data.

Dukes wasn’t destined to by raised by the chief contact of his father, Senator Bail Organa. Instead, his upbringing kept him among pilots and technicians. A lot of his teachings came from Sternik Uhn – which, merged with his natural skills, led to his transfer to Phoenix Squadron upon the seizing of the A-Wings.

He now flies under the name Phoenix 4.

Dukes Naseri

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