Commander Kallus

ISB Commander with a reputation for efficiency at any cost


His passively jovial approach seems like an ever-present mask, hiding the sheer cruelty of his ingenious mind.

Personally in command of ISD Nightmare and it’s crew, he seeks to root out any whiff of rebellion – with a focus on threats more sophisticated than a pirate or a single angry defector.

He wears a variety of uniforms and plain clothes, occasionally sporting the White Uniform of the ISB (usually to reap the benefits of its reputation in areas where his own has not arrived ahead of him), and is usually accompanied by a Squad of his finest Stormtroopers – from a Company gifted to him from the 501st Legion (a gift which can only be bestowed personally by Darth Vader).


Apart from the fact that he was trained in the Royal Academy of Coruscant and the ISB Academy on Mandalore – no information is known about his past of where he is originally from.

However, those who studied at the Royal Academy of Coruscant will have heard of him on many occasions.

Commander Kallus

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