Barkeeper/Owner of Palpatine's Lazy Eye


A very confident and outgoing former ace-pilot, Bonteia has an air of ‘I run the show’ about her. She didn’t care for the rank of her patrons, only for their behaviour while in her ‘care’ – and this remained the way she described guests of the cantina.

When not behind the bar, she could usually be found at one of the tables playing Sabacc or Pazaak – while drinking most of her friends under the table. A feature which never leaves her, is a cane – a constant reminder of her past.


A former ace-pilot of Phoenix Squadron, serving under Hunter when he was in charge, Bonteia was friendly and affable at every hour – spending many of her free hours in either simulations or at the bar playing cards.

A major injury befell her during one of the cells high-risk operations, and this led to her spending the best part of 4 months in a Bacta-Tank. Despite all the best efforts of the medics, she never fully regained control of her lower limbs – thereby barring her from returning to the cockpit as a squadron pilot.

As a close friend of the then-owner of the Eye, she was given a job there – and soon took over from him allowing him the long-overdue retirement. He was still often seen at various tables, granted an open-bar till the end of his days.

In her later life, she continued to run the bar and maintain it’s delicate status as both a den of pleasure and relaxation, as well as the place to ‘score’ some of the more dubious narcotics onboard the Firestarter.


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