Aliant Gantast

Former Employer of Kameron, Pirate Captain


He has a husky voice, likely linked to the 60+ cigarettes he gets through on an average day, and a less-than-friendly demeanor. Many years as a pirate have built him a degree of notoriety which he uses to his advantage in conversations.

He typically wears a long black coat, with matching trousers and shirt – and the compulsory DL-44 by his side. A pilot himself, he tends to prefer sitting at the controls of his small freighter personally rather than hand over to his second-in-command (The Zabrak, Doso).


In answer to the question where was he born, he always gives a different answer – from Coruscant through the Maw all the way to onboard a falling ship. It is true, however, that his body structure shows he definitely spent a long time in areas with near-Coruscant gravity.

The earliest part of his past that he discusses and can be identified by, is his employment at the Galactic Passenger Transport Services – a small company providing medium-quality hyperspace travel to civilians. As a secondary pilot, his career in piracy began when he kidnapped a whole passenger ship (12 passengers + 3 more staff) and received the ransom payment from the company. For this money, he bought a ship and soon met Doso – a Zabrak pilot who joined him and traveled with him ever since in exchange for a cut of profits.

The funds were enough to not only buy a ship and outfit it with engine dampeners & boosts – quite a serious sum was left over. People trafficking and kidnap & ransom became his preferred jobs. The moment he caught two X-wing fighters on the black market, he immediately purchased these and took on two more crew members (further modifying the Crow to allow it two external docks for the fighters).

It was clear at this point, that his clients were primarily individual rebel cells using his skills to get their hands on Imperial Officers and any other vital officials. This is when his role moved from kidnap and ransom, directly to kidnap upon contract. It seems that during this time, he (for reasons only known to him) grew fond of the cause of the rebel groups. He began lowering his costs to them (being very space-wise, he did ask for safe haven access in return), and supporting them in other minor jobs.

His first contact with Kameron Everett was at the workshop of Orfax, where he easily convinced her to join him as an X-Wing pilot (his previous pilot having died of spice-overdose). As her captain for over 3 years, with no crew changes during that time, he proved himself to her as a very loyal and capable leader.

His first contact with Candor Veth was about 4 years before that, and it can comfortably be said that he considers Candor the closest thing possible that a pirate can call a ‘friend’. He is reputedly the only person in the galaxy who can make Aliant smile.

In a final act of loyalty to his crew members, he ordered them to hide among a dense asteroid field from an ambush set up by the Empire. Kameron last saw him when her radar display showed the Crow with both Aliant and Doso onboard being docked into a Victory-Class Star Destroyer, surrounded by 4 Tie Fighter squadrons.

Imperial records state he is ‘Detained’ at a maximum-security facility.

Aliant Gantast

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