Rise of the Phoenix

Sesja 5 - Part 2

An Unlikely Reunion

As they left for the door, a conversation happening in the small square outside stopped them.

“Well Lieutenant, looks like all that was to be achieved here has been done.”

“Yes Sir, however I’d like to continue with some interviews before the town is purged.”

“With Teemo the Hutt killed and his carcass on display in front of his so called palace, there is only one thing left to do. Make sure that Taidarian, Watoo is it?, tells you everything.”

“He is being transferred to the ship for further interrogation.”

The two men left the shadows. First, the white uniform of an ISB Commander. Next to him, a young officer of the ISB. Kameron’s heart sank, and her skin grew pale as a white star. She hasn’t seen her brother since he left for Imperial Young Officer Training 6 years ago, the same time she applied and failed to get into the fighter corps.

“Excellent. Well, that settles it then. At sunrise command the leveling of this shithole, if you need assistance from the ISD Nightmare bomber crews let me know – I will oblige. Now, I have matters to settle onboard my ship and my shuttle is ready. All the best Lieutenant, do your duty and I expect a report by tomorrow twenty-hundred hours my ship time.”

“Yes Sir, thank you.”

They two officers parted ways, one heading towards the landing dock and the other towards smaller streets and the makeshift Imperial Comms point in Mos Shuuta.

Kameron couldn’t hold it, but just as she was about to shout “Karran!”, Max stopped her. Seeing there is no way he will convince her this is a terrible idea, he decided to at least help her survive the encounter. He led the way along the shadows, following the ISB Lieutenant – who was now joined by two Stormtroopers, one of which was a Sergeant.

The cloudy sky made concealment possible, however each sentence uttered by the officer to his sergeant further convinced Max this was not a good idea. This was exactly what ISB Officers are famed for: ruthless observation skills, no mercy for anyone, and fond of making examples of populations.

“Sergeant, the gates are to be shut and the locks destroyed to make sure the electro-systems cannot be shut down. Once we are done, anyone who tried to run from the city is to be shot onsight. I’m not interested in any further survivors than that Taidarian and the two people in custody.”

“Yes Sir.”

The Sergeant left them, shifting his march towards the holding cages in the main square. Kameron walked around the corner and stood in front of her brother. Max by her side, weapon in hand. The Stormtrooper raised his weapon, Max raised his. Kameron bodyslammed Max into the wall “Don’t!”. Two shots were fired – one hit the wall behind the stormtrooper. The other, fired by Karran’s standard-issue pistol, burned Kameron’s left shoulder. She crashed against the wall, as Max raised his weapon again – but it didn’t fire. “Karran, it’s me!”, she managed to let out one phrase. Just enough for Karran to push the troopers rifle down and order him to stand down.

“Listen trooper – your gun went off by mistake, you tripped. Nothing happened – it was an equipment malfunction. I will vouch for that. Now leave and pass this on to others. I have gone to inspect the Southern part of town.”

A silent nod from the trooper, as he turned to face the incoming steps and halt them before they see too much. Pointing at Max, Karran finally spoke to the two rebels.

“You, the door to your right is open and the room is empty – open it.”

They went in to talk, but any exchange would be awkward. And so it was. Turns out Karran visited their father a couple months ago, to see how he is doing. This was while he was fully aware of being disowned. Kameron was missed at home, they hadn’t heard from her in a long time. Years. To the benefit of Max and Kameron, it seemed the ISB Officer was sure she remained a pirate and Max was some sort of co-pilot – he openly informed them he is hunting for a Z95 and the rebels who stole it from the warehouse.

However much both Kameron and Karran wanted to talk, the conversation had to end quickly – otherwise his absence would be spotted. His last piece of advice was for them to leave quickly – an Imperial Interdictor Cruiser is on the way to initiate a full blockade of Tatooine. Max opened the door in silence, giving the siblings as much time as was reasonable.

They parted ways, only exchanging a final nod.

Kameron moved silently, Max supporting her all the way to make sure the wound heals and doesn’t grow – an action made easier with the special Bacta ointment given to them by Karran. They flew slowly through the darkness, with Kameron steering and Max ready to take on the controls if need be. Back at the G720, the pleasant atmosphere quickly soured as Sandon and Helmsman saw the faces of both Kameron and Max. Within a few hours of the debrief, Sandon clearly knew something was happening – but Kameron had no intention of sharing the details. Neither did Max, this was her conversation to have.

However, they did find out they must leave quickly. Plans had to be changed owing to the emergency, so they decided to break the approach they planned and just leave the system. Engines were fired up, their machines rose and turned towards the sky – and thrusters were activated.



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