Rise of the Phoenix

Sesja 5 - Part 1

The First Kiss

Four hours after waking up, Kameron firmly in Max’s arms, their silent joy was interrupted by a knock on the door. Considering this was Kameron’s cabin, it was only appropriate for her to be the one who opens up.

“You two ready to face life again?”

“Do we have to be?” – replied Max, not ready to face the Lieutenant in this… attire.

“Actually, not really. We have a few days to rest here – and decide what to do next. No patrols seem to be disturbing us, which is very nice.”

Kameron decided to join this exchange, “What are out options?”

Max, however, suddenly had a very valid obseration. “Perhaps we get ourselves sorted first, and talk once out?”

“Good call. I’ll wait for you here, 3 metres away at the table. Get yourselves sorted and come out.”

Forty-Five minutes passed until they eventually appeared and the table, where Sandon started collecting the Sabaak cards to make space. They knew they must get a message out to the Phoenix, before the crew of Ghost arrive in Mos Shuuta with the Identichip for Max. However, they had not the slightest clue how to do this. A mid-range transmitter was needed, so they were left with either a dangerous return to Mos Shuuta (where they at least had the location of their former contact, who already left the planet afraid of how things panned out) – or a trip to Mos Eisley. A larger town, definitely with people who have access to transmitters, but with no contacts at all.

The only time-pressure came, when they realised that Ghost could arrive essentially any day… So they chose to hide for a couple more days and then make the call. Laying low was needed at the moment, there was a lot of tension with the arrival of an Imperial Frigate in the orbit of Tatooine.

Max and Sandon spent some time building a shooting range, while Kameron searched the Z95 for any tracking devices. This was, of course, after they slept off their hangovers. She searched the Z95 four times… And luck would have it that on the fourth, she found a rather advanced tracking device concealed as a reserve colling rod – with an independent power source and an emergency signal lock, in case anyone tries to remove it. Her technical skills proved well-taught, and the tracker was removed. But this posed a new question – why didn’t they get caught yet?

R2 realised that the tracker stopped transmitting an hour before Kameron found it, and it now being three hours after that – Helmsman made the call not to run. Apparently, the receiver of the signal sent a ‘close transmission’ code to the tracker – the reasons for this were unknown, but it also meant they couldn’t identify the source of the signal. Well, if this was within near-orbit range and 4 hours on noone appeared, the chances of this being a trap were remote. So they began to plan for their trip to a transmitter. Helmsman informed both Kameron and Max of the location of the former contact – Baba’s Grill in Mos Shuuta. Hopefully, they would find some help there… But most importantly, perhaps they could find a transmitter in Mos Shuuta. Under cover of night, Kameron and Max left in the Z95.

The fighter landed between the plateaus of Mos Shuuta’s Shantytown. As they approached, however, they saw that the town was quiet and dark – perhaps curfew was enforced?

Luck had it, that underneath the ladder they used their first time around there was a concealed comm link – one which Max found. Credits got them access to town. More credits guaranteed the ladder will wait until they leave. And the shadows guaranteed their lives will continue for at least some time, as they saw a patrol of two Stormtroopers walking along the main street in Shantytown.

“I think the noise was from here…”

“What, that house? Probably a cat or something. Come on, my shift is over and plan to get some sleep before tomorrow…”

“Yes, Sir”

As Max and Kameron controlled their breathing and slowed their heartrates, they say the chance to move into town. On the edge of the plateau, there was the bridge linking the Shantytown with the town proper. As they approached, they saw that on the other side two further Stormtroopers were walking past. These looked different, their armour was slightly odd. Same colour, just different plate structure – one Max has never seen before. Due to the darkness, he couldn’t make out the insignia either… Something was odd here. In silence, they made their way past a couple more patrols to the power station – which was the direct neighbour of Baba’s Grill in the North-Eastern part of town. Baba was an old Rodian, whom they found sitting in his living room in the back of the Grill – pointing a blaster pistol at his throat. In the middle of his room, was a mid-range transmitter with a trap door in the ceiling to strengthen it’s signal. He was a rebel sympathizer, a small ray of luck struck Max and Kameron as he put his blaster pistol down.

The ray dimmed quickly, as the Rodian explained the side effects of activating the transmitter – it would mean diverting power from the power station, using an illegally prepared cable set down by the rebel contact. The house would light up like Coronet City. Max and Kameron didn’t know what to do – but Baba gave them one option. The only option. He will send the message they prepare 30 minutes after they leave. It was the only way, and he already led a long life. If he ends it saving someone, he will end it a happy rodian. Grudgingly, they agreed and thanked him. Max noted his name, an act like this deserved being remembered. They walked towards the door to get back out of Mos Shuuta.



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