Rise of the Phoenix

Sesja 3

A Walk in the Dark

After deciding to investigate the situation around the warehouse, the squad went towards Mos Shuuta.

Having found a rowdy town on the way, with multiple possible distractions, the focus remained on locating a way into the building. One that was found when a loose ventilation shaft was reached on the northern wall.

Inside, a place only reached by Cameron at her second attempt (her first ending with her landing the the arms of Max Veers Jr. as her hand ‘unfortunately’ slipped off the edge of the vent), a series of unpleasant surprises hit the team. A full warehouse of Imperial Outer Rim Territories containers, enough to maintain a decent-sized garrison, filled the room – carefully watched by a number of cameras. An Imperial lieutenant was seen behind a desk, a commander typically in charge of 4 squads – a daunting view for those in hiding. All this meant that the goal of erasing the Z95’s jump data was abandoned.

After returning to the Metal Forest, the decision was made to spend the next day on preparing an emergency escape plan – Sandon was due to prepare food and materials to survive as long as reasonable. Max and Cameron chose to investigate whether there is a long-range antenna on top of the Warehouse and see if the weapon merchant sells thermal charges. Helmsman planned to get in touch with the rebel contact in Mos Shuuta, to get a better understanding of the Imperial presence in the town.

The next day could have barely gone worse, as far as findings went – although no shots were fired. The warehouse not only had a long-range antenna on it – it is also staffed by at least 6 Stormtroopers, ruthless invasion forces of the Imperium. The rebel contact said the position has been compromised and ran away. Watoo turned out to be a supplier of the warehouse, and rumour has it that Teemo the Hutt has a similar arrangement. At least Sandon managed to get supplies. To add to this, after a long day of bad news followed by worse news, a heart-to-heart conversation between Max and Cameron during the double sunset was interrupted by the arrival of Helmsman.

The call was made to get some basic information, prep for leaving, and evacuate the following day if possible – still remembering that only a week has passed of a supposedly month-long stay.

All again fell to pieces. A Tw’i’lek, already found to have been following Max and Cameron over the past day, appeared by the ship in the morning. Accompanied by 2 guards in mandalorian armour and 4 Gammoreans. All ended when Helmsman told Cameron and Max about the emergency evacuation jump coordinates and said he will meet the Tw’i’lek outside – with Sandon waiting on the ramp if needed. Max manned the defensive laser and Cameron sat at the cockpit for a speedy getaway if needed.



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