Rise of the Phoenix

Sesja 1

A Holiday Gone Wrong

The rented ship has just landed about 400 yards from the Electrogates to Mos Shuuta, in an area known as ‘The Metal Forest’ – owing to its regular role as parking area for ships not willing to pay the extortionate docking prices in the bays.

Sternik has mentioned he would like to investigate the cameras in the landing bay.

The crew of Ghost, including their VCX-100 light freighter, have also gone away soon after the exchange of fire in the streets of Mos Shuuta to pursue their mission – one that has not been shared with Max, Kameron, Uhn, or Sandon.

Max has done an extensive shop, now owning a very quiet & custom DL-44 pistol – which is an illegal weapon and a number of new clothing items to hide his looks.

Kameron has assisted Max in limiting his Imperial Officer instincts, but when the crew had to sell their Z95 in order to fix the capacitors on board their rented YKL-37R – her mood changed dramatically. She is currently still very unimpressed with the way things have gone.

This is when we start the First full session, having completed the Intro.



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