The campaign focuses on the events surrounding Kameron and Max (currently known as Glitch), two rebels and members of the notorious Phoenix Cell – supported by Senator Bail Organa.

Glitch (formerly an Imperial lieutenant on the Kuat shipyards), having been rescued from imminent arrest and likely interrogation followed by death, is a vital asset to the rebellion – owing to his knowledge of both Imperial code as well as strategy.

Kameron is a young pilot, but despite her age she already wields fighters on a level which can challenge even a force user to a tough dog fight. Her brash and often downright dangerous behaviour often leads to issues unforeseen by the original plan – however her abilities in getting everyone in trouble are matched by her abilities in getting back out of it.


Upon reaching Nar Shaddaa, the two protagonists meet with an old acquaintance of Kameron’s – Candor Veth. A pirate and drug-producer/smuggler, with a quickly growing notoriety. His ‘career’ progressed fast upon the disappearance and alleged death of Kameron’s first captain, Aliant, who was his partner-in-crime, mentor, and perhaps even the closest thing to ‘friend’ any pirate can have. As a debt to his old ‘friend’, Candor decided to work with Kameron and Max for far less than he would ever agree to for a job this risky – just a smile and extra notoriety.

Rise of the Phoenix

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